modifying administrator password in non adminstrators account

i find this is useful when you are remote connected to another computer and you cannot logoff remotely since it will disconnect your connection.
this things happened when you run your remote connection software (like openvpn or teamviewer) in non service mode and your system is not enabling remote desktop connection (rdp) or don’t have one like in w2k.
this scenario become more complicated where like in my position, the computer in our branch has problem that can only fixed in administrators account, while the user in our branch cannot know the actual administrator password.
so to fix it, the branch user just logon using their limited account and running a remote connection software, like team viewer.
we then connect to the branch computer. here we do these steps:
– open command prompt.
– type : runas /user:administrator cmd this is to run a command prompt in administrator privilege.
– there will prompt for password, you enter the password for user administrator.
– if correct it will open a new command prompt, but this one will have the administrator privilege.
– close the old command prompt, just so you wont confuse.
– now you do whatever you want to do to fix the problem that can only be run as administrator.
– for example, i want to make openvpn and teamviewer to be able to start automatically as service.
– i go to c:program filesopenvpnbin
– i type: openvpnserv -remove [enter] this is to remove the broken service
– then i type: openvpnserv -install [enter] this is to add openvpn to service
– then i type: openvpnserv -start [enter] this is to start the service
– then after a couple of minutes you try to check the vpn connection by pinging to vpn server.
– if the connection successfully connected, then you go to configure ultravnc.
– i go to c:programfilesultravnc
– then i type: winvnc -reinstall to reinstall the service
– to start the service i just type: winvnc

well you said where can i change the password?
here the command:
net user administrator *
i use this * so you’ll be prompted for new password, this way you won’t expose the password letters. you just create generic password like admin or 123456. after you change the password you can tell the branch user to login using administrator password with this generic one and reestablish the connection. after you finish you can use the command above again to change the password to your original one, so the branch user cannot access the administrator account again.

there are some useful command in net user, like you can remove or add new user this way.


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