windows classic ctrl+alt+del prompt

so are you having problem with your windows autologin? your computer just login by itself? there are two ways to change it,
just go to control panel> user account1 and user account2 in xp. but unfortunately not all xp system shows you this two option, you only see one “user account” option.
in case of the second scenario, you go to that only one, control panel>user account.
now see if you only have the generic users like administrator and guest, if so then you must “create new account”. after you create new account, “change password” for your custom user and administrator.
then pick “change the way users log on and off”, uncheck the “use the welcome screen” and click “apply options”
now you restart your computer and see if it is working. (if you don’t have custom user and adding password for your administrator you’ll just bypass the login screen like before).
there will be error saying the password is incorrect, and prompting you to type the password.
now, to eliminate that, you go to “start” menu on your taskbar (left side). go to run (or you can use command prompt), and type:
control userpasswords2
click ok.
this option actually shown in your control panel> user accounts if you joining a domain, but if you only in a workgroup then you have to type it manually.
in this windows uncheck “users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”,
in addition, you go to “advanced” tab, and check “require user to press ctrl+alt+delete”, this way you’ll have classical form of windows login like in windows 2k.


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