delayed write failed

i got this error when:

– i remove the removable disk when something in writing to the disk.

– i have bad harddisk.

– i somehow have problem with write caching of my harddisk, like sudden power loss, hung, etc…

so first when you experience it:
– check the connection cable, both the data and power jack, make it securely placed…

– check the integrity of the disk, by doing scandisk or test disk…

– check if you enable write caching, try to disable it by doing this:

* right click any hdd volume in your explorer, choose properties.

* after the window shows up choose the hardware tab, and highlight the hdd and click on the properties button.

* in the new window, choose policies tab, and uncheck the “enable write caching on the disk” checkbox.

* click ok two times to close the two windows, and restart your hdd.

so what if your hdd is really found bad after scandisk (or hang when in scandisk)? then no other way than to backup your hdd.

so you ask again how can i backup if my hdd is damaged? you can use the S.M.A.R.T software, that will monitor the hdd so when the system access the damaged area the S.M.A.R.T software will intercept and continue to the next undamaged area, of course if it is hdd board problem then nothing can be done except to cannibalize it by replacing the board with the same series hdd…


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