event id 7022: Server service hung on startup

Event ID: 7022
Source: Service Control Manager
Type: Error
Description: Server service hung on startup.

have you seen this error in your even viewer?
then you should check this kb from microsoft:

i myself have 7022 error of my oracle8iagent service, that cannot up automatically on startup, i must manually start it up on service console.
beside that error, before that just two lines below, it was two 7023 error missing files and 7023 error boot manager error…
so the steps i took are:
i change the automatic startup to manual of the service pointed on 7023 error.
and i open regedt32 command from start>run. cannot use regedit, it must regedt32 to edit the registry
there you should directly went to folder:
find registry value DependOnService if you can’t find it create one with REG_MULTI_SZ data type
put the value LanmanServer in there and click ok, restart your server, and look again to event viewer, see if the error still exist (additional from before).

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