windows mail error, cannot delete mail in outbox folder, email not found error

Windows mail error on vista

there are two error happened, first is just the mail is stuck in outbox folder, and you cannot delete the email there.

The second error is you cannot see the content of the email, it said unable to open bla bla bla…

if you look to the windows mail folder through windows explorer, for the first error you don’t see the eml file in outbox folder. While for the second error you actually see the individual email there, so it must be the screw up in windows mail on pointing to the email file.

After browsing on the net, for the first error it is because the vista is not updated its windows file, so the solution is just to update to vista sp1 or installing hotfix Windows6.0-KB941090-v2-x86.msu

or you can use Wmutil is a utility for windows mail you can download all from microsoft website.

moz screenshot 40

For the second error, I first close the windows mail so I can copy the windows mail folder to another location. After I move all the email data from the windows mail folder, I open again the windows mail application and delete all email there. After I delete all email in the windows mail application (if warning occurs, just click ok and continue), I click and drag all eml files from the backup location to the same folder name in windows mail application.

And done, all email working and you can send and receive email…


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