blue screen stop error 0x0000007e

I don’t really know what happened when I first encounter this error on my home computer (windows xp sp3).

first without warning my computer continue to restart itself times and times again when it hit the windows logo loading not even a blue screen.

so I first suspect that it has to do something with what I was installing the last time i start the computer. so like last time, I press f8 right after bios screen load to put more option in windows loading, and I choose safemode and system restore to the last 2 system backup.

but it is not working, even though I try several safe points in system restore…

so as usual I browsed the net for error 0x0000007e, and I stumble upon the microsoft support page about 0x0000007e trouble shooting

but after following the seven steps/probabilities it still not working, so I searched again for possible solution, there I found a forum about a dell computer that had the same error like I did, one of the replier stated that it was a hardware problem, and probably the usb problem.

so since I have all 8 usb slots fully occupied, it probably the culprit.

then I took off the 2 usb cable for my external hdd, then I booted the computer and viola, it succesfully work, then I plug the usb external hdd again and no blue screen all work nicely.


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