Joomla 1.5 migration problem in IIS server

so I got this problem when i try to change my webserver to another machine. based on my joomla 1.0.x experience, i just need to copy and paste the website folder and the mysql joomla database folder.
so like usual, i install IIS server, fastcgi 1.5, php 5.3, mysql 5, vsexpress 2008. I use IIS because i have another webserver using
i copy all to the respective folders and test it on webserver. my native webpage works flawlessly, the phpinfo() code works, so no php problem, i use mysql gui to see the database running it is good. but i cannot access the joomla page, i can access the joomla administrator page btw, but not the public page, it just white/blank page.
i check the configuration.php and it all good, i check all manually it can connect, except the ftp server since i don’t install it.
i even look at the page access right on the folder security it is the same (i use iusr).
a bit of desperate, i try to install joomla again from scratch, and it works! so joomla should be able to works in my server.
desperate again, i open the configuration.php and after checking all again, i stop again in ftp server, so since all have been tested i guess this is the culprit.
so i install free ftp server i browse again and found three candidates, mozilla ftp server, war ftp server and zftpserver, and golden ftp server. I have tried mozilla and it is nice and open source but i have problem with joomla extension installation, so i try war ftp, but it was too technical and it’s hard for me to configure the ftp folder manually, then i try zftp suite free, it only max 10 user, but i don’t mind since i will be the only one use the ftp connection, i block all 21 connection except from my computer. it work nicely and a bit secure than the current mozilla.
after i install the ftp server then my joomla page is working, but i found no article there. so i check through my backend, there all my articles are all putting the pending status, i try to change it to publish status but it still the same. so i google again and they said it because of the date, so i look to my system date and it is not uptodate, so i change it to current date and viola the articles all in published status…
phew finally i successfully migrate the website, it was a tedious works but i learn alot from it 🙂


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