max RAM limitation in windows 98

can you believe it, today in 2010, i still installing windows 98se!
this happened because the tax program that can only works in native DOS.
but since its been years ago that i last installed this OS, i haven’t met this problem i encounter today:
Insufficient memory to initialize Windows.
Quit one or more memory-resident programs or remove unnecessary utilities from your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, and restart your computer.

ok, so then i like always put the quoted “Insufficient memory to initialize Windows”
in google, it show me to microsoft kb page:
there it said it is because i installed memory more than windows 98 can handle which is more than 512 mb ram.
so it said to open the system.ini file and add in [386enh]:

also from other kb, just to make sure the program will run smoothly, i add a line in [vcache]:

so i start the windows, in early boot i push f8 and select command prompt only, executing edit.exe, open file system.ini in folder windows, edit/add the limitation line like mentioned above. and restart the system again…
and it works!

but there is blue screen error about 32 bit pci/ide child device, it said it will change to compatibility mode, don’t know what it is, but after a restart the error is no longer. i guess the system has switched to compatibility mode, but since i get no performance loss, i just cross my finger, hope everything will “just work”…


One thought on “max RAM limitation in windows 98

  1. When you choose the Windows NT security option and click Permissions, or groups… Hide Http Referer

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