enable oracledb connection through firewall

well my company has oracle 8i, and up until now we never turn on firewall in our intra network. but things got complicated when the worm named kido start to crawl our network. so we take policy to turn on the firewall.
but of course the first time we turn it on the oracle db cannot be connected: TNS-12535 TNS:operation timed out from other computer even though we already put an exception on post 1521 and only accept own network ip range.
it seems that the connection need two port now the first port is always the same 1521, but the second one is always different, i guess it because it use the free port one.
so after browsing through goggle i find out the answer, it is that i need to add registry value “USE_SHARED_SOCKET” put the value “TRUE” in the registry on the database server.
so like the information from otn network we need to add it in:

HKLM\SYSTEM\Control\Session Manager\Environment

restart the computer and voila it works 🙂


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