Norton Safety Minder

it is been a long time ~ three years actually~ since i’m looking for a tools to filter the browsing for my company, for free of course.
in the HQ we have gateway, so this thing is covered, but in our branches it is not, since they use modem router from the ISP which has no good filtering.
i’ve tried opendns but since the public ip is dynamic so it was not working, even when i try the companion dyndns it was not working because it said the ip already registered by other user (go figure 😦 ).
now with this new norton product and free, i can finally do the monitoring on the users browsing.

with the good point of:

+ whitelist and blacklist beside conventional , not many parental control have these.

+client base windows user control, so it is hard to bypass.

+ hard to “endtask” since it is not using conventional .exe service.

+internet base, so even when the “children” use several computers, they still monitored as one.

just create an account in:

add users to whom you would like to monitor (they called it children 😀 )

download the program and install it in computer, activate it and do some setting and voila, now you can monitor you “children”

and on the website:


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