undbx a cure for bloated outlook express file

from google code i got this file undbx
it really good, up until then i usually use mccallan program to repair the dbx file of outlook express, but since the link to the file is dead (he still got awesome free email server program though).
okay so i change heart to undbx, since it is the only other one free program beside the mccallan.
from the google code here is the promise:

UnDBX – Tool to extract, recover and undelete e-mail messages from Outlook Express .dbx files.

Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Avi Rozen

and the usage also simple:

undbx <dbx folder> <folder to save>


undbx <dbx file> <folder to save>

you can omit the <folder to save> so it will automatically create a folder with the same name of the dbx file.

those above are the basic usage, if the dbx file has been damaged, like the capacity is already 2gb, then you just add –recover switch.

the output will be individual email file (.eml). so after recovery you can drag it to the outlook express application.

so for example i got problem when the inbox folder suddenly empty.

first i close the oe application then i look at:

document and setting>[user name]>local setting>application data>identities>[gibberish folder]>microsoft>outlook express>

here i look at the size of indox.dbx file and it actually already 2gb in size.

so i cut the file to the same folder where i put undbx file.

i open again the oe application so it will create new clean inbox.dbx file.

i open command prompt and chage directory to where undbx file located.

there i type:

undbx –recover inbox.dbx

then i press enter and wait.

after it finished i close the command prompt and open the explorer and navigate it to the where i put the undbx folder.

there i see a new folder name inbox, i go it there and select half the email and put it in the new backup folder i create previously in oe, after finished copying the first part i copy the other half to another backup folder.

now i have a clean inbox folder and two backup-ed folders of my previous inbox in my oe application.


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