windows 2000 can only detect HDD up to 128 Gb

Well microsoft says that it is because they purposely limit the detection mode, so the 48-bit mode is in disable state.
must have SP4 installed first (for XP must have at least sp2 i think).

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SATA drive runs very slow in server with SAS.

SAS and SATA are using the same power and data slot. SAS HDD cannot be detected if you plug the SATA cable, but SATA can be detected fine when you plug SAS cable. I haven’t put any though about it until when I installed database on the SATA drive that was plugged to SAS cable. when I imported the data to the database it took all night long to finish then what normally only 30 minutes.

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configuring ICA UPS

well we just having visited by a technician where my company bough ICA UPS. we got nice info on how to configuring the UPS.
you know if you open the ICA UPS, you’ll see a board right? in that board you’ll see number next to the blue thing that you can turn left or right (like a screw). Continue reading