configuring ICA UPS

well we just having visited by a technician where my company bough ICA UPS. we got nice info on how to configuring the UPS.
you know if you open the ICA UPS, you’ll see a board right? in that board you’ll see number next to the blue thing that you can turn left or right (like a screw).
now you find the number 201, 501 and 401.
the number 201 is to set the output of your UPS, to set it right you need a multitester or av tester. just using a screw driver you turn it to the right to increase and to the left to decrease, the recommendation is 220, since it is the factory default for any electronic appliance today.
now the number 501 is to set the input, if the electricity of your home is not within a good range (like below 160v or above 240v) then you calibrate it to 224v.
now the 401 is to set when you have problem when sudden surge on/off from the AC electricity of your home or the AC of your home is too low that makes the ICA cannot take any power input from your home AC. the tester wont be showing you the change when you calibrate the 401. only when you turn it too to the left the ICA UPS will stop accepting AC power from outside. (it will start to beep like when the electricity is off).


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