oracle error ora-01033 : ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

Ok i have this error on my oracle 8.1.7 database with oracle developer 6i R2.
This usually happened when the computer is improperly shutdown like of power failure or BSOD.
Been searching on the internet most of the solution is to connect straight to sqlplus, like this:

– open the command prompt.
– in “c:\>”, type “sqlplus /nolog”
– in “sql>” type connect / as sysdba

Now this is the problem, based on the tutorial it should generate “connected” status, even though i’ve tried using the proper form of “connect sys/manager as sysdba” it still generating TNS error.
First since it was TNS error i look for multiple TNSNames.ora but there were no duplicity, only one found in each database and in developer folder.
So after failed asking to master google, i tried to contact the other master in the flesh. There he scribe me to do these steps:

– open command prompt.
– type “svrmgrl” so the prompt changed from “c:\>” to “svrmgrl” – there type “connect sys/manager as sysdba”
(here i finally able to connect)
– then type “shutdown immediate”, it will generate:
(ORA-01109: database not open)
(database dismounted)
(ORACLE instance shutdown)
– then you type “startup”, you’ll see the status of the database: (ORACLE instance started.)
(Total System Global Area xxxxx byte)
(Fixed Size xxxxx byte)
(Variable Size xxxxx byte)
(Database Buffers xxxxx byte)
(Redo Buffers xxxxx byte)
(Database Mounted.)

if nothing show up after that, just the ‘svrmgrl>’, then congratulation, your database is ready for transaction!

but now if after that, you found instead some ora error like: ORA-01113: file xx needs media recovery
and/or ORA-01110: data file xx: ‘[DBF file parth]’
then you should repair the file, for i because too lazy i just drop user–> create user–>import the data…


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