This is might be not news for you since the tools already available both online and offline.
But I find this software really easy to use and have good easy to use interface and support command line.
Before I know of this software, every time I would like to convert to PDF file I always use the print to pdf software since it is also easy to use, my preference is cute pdf.
here is the link:
with the feature:
– #1 Free PDF Converter!
– Save fillable PDF form using Reader
– Add, delete, rotate, resize, reorder pages
– Stamps, overlay, headers, footers, bates
– Make compact PDF booklets
– Digitally Signing PDF Documents
– No Adware, No Spyware, No Malware

But now it has the pro version priced $49.95 (introductory price).
This cute pdf is not free of bug, I have trouble using it in Opera browser, sometimes it won’t print or it only print the first page of the webpage, so if the webpage is long it only print the top side one. When that happened it sometimes can be cured by restarting Opera browser.
when using cute pdf, to add mutiple images in one pdf file, I need to use document program like Openoffice writer, copying the images in the document, then print the document to cute pdf virtual printer.

Now that consist several steps to convert images to pdf. several years ago, there were no free program that able to put multiple images to one pdf file (paid one do that), then we find the online converter taht can do that for free, but of course that is risky for sensitive data because who knows what waiting in the chaos world of internet.
Now it just lately that we are able to convert images to one pdf file, before it only able to convert one image to one pdf file, so back then I need to use another software to merge the pdf files to one pdf files, so it need two steps.

Now, after I find this tiny software ~only 82kb (236kb uncopressed)~ written in, we are able to do it in one step. here is the software website:
and the features are (quoted from the website):

This is a program for converting image files into PDF files. The program supports converting multiple image files to single or multiple PDFs files. The program also supports image scaling and positioning.

This program is now written in VB.Net, and supports additional image formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF, EMF, in addition to JPG, JP2, J2K. Also, This program now supports commandline execution, where the syntax is:
JPEGtoPDF.exe “pdfFileName” “imgFileName1” “imgFileName2”

(Note that every parameter should be a full path+filename, and be enclosed in quotes)

This program now supports unicode filenames.

Latest addition: The program now supports multi-page images.

the software it self is portable and you can drag and drop images folder to the program as per update in january 2012.
here the interface looks like:


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