Formatting USB flash disk to NTFS format.

Hi guys,
this is just a quick tip, you know since the usb flash disk have grown in size, so it is able to hold a very large data.
Now the default format for the flash disk is fat32, normally you cannot change that. exfat also available but the format is not widely supported because of the need of licensing.
Now since the growing of the size, the fat format becomes a problem, because it cannot hold a single large file (must have below 4gb file size), you must split the file into not so big sized files. extfat can accept large data but again it is not widely supported by devices, and it is slower than fat32.

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Manual quick start for Apache, PHP and ORACLE configuration in Windows OS

Once upon a time, in one of the class I attended, the lecturer while tinkering with the laptop, ask us in an off handed manner, if we know why the oracle express she installed cannot be connected to her program. It hit me then that several years back I had had hard time to do that, and just recently “enlighten” that different with other databases, like mysql when you installed its dbms, you can connect it right away from php, this oracle in order for it to be able to connect to the program need to have the client installed in order for php to be able to recognize the oracle.
Now for example, I need to rig this spec:
– windows xp.
– apache+php webserver.
– oracle 8i database is located in remote machine.
so let’s start configuring:

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changing password policy in domain server

Just simple configuration, but I find without the manual book or “windows server for dummy” book, it actually hard to find. At least for me.
So back again, how to change the policy setting about password length? It is obviously inside the group policy setting.
now to do that, again we can open the mmc program (open run and type mmc and push enter). Continue reading