Formatting USB flash disk to NTFS format.

Hi guys,
this is just a quick tip, you know since the usb flash disk have grown in size, so it is able to hold a very large data.
Now the default format for the flash disk is fat32, normally you cannot change that. exfat also available but the format is not widely supported because of the need of licensing.
Now since the growing of the size, the fat format becomes a problem, because it cannot hold a single large file (must have below 4gb file size), you must split the file into not so big sized files. extfat can accept large data but again it is not widely supported by devices, and it is slower than fat32.

But don’t worry, we can change that so the usb can be formatted to ntfs format, so it can hold large file. You just do these simple steps:
1. right click the usb flash disk, and click on properties.

2.choose hardware tab, then click on the usb and click on the properties button.

3. Now pick the policies tab, choose the optimize for performance, and you can uncheck the write caching option just to make the data won’t be corrupted if something happen. after that just click ok button.

4. close other windows that opened, then just right click the usb flash disk and you can format it to be a ntfs disk. just becareful, you cannot just plug off the flash disk anymore, you need to use safety remove hardware now to unplug the usb flash disk.

btw. this is not only works for usb flash disk, it can be done to any removable disk.


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