Common error in windows live mail

Now, we have another problem here in the office. our email client have been changed to windows live mail from outlook express 6. Because like we all know, oe 6 still have bugs that are still not being repaired by m$. Those two fatal one are like the maximum size of an oe folder that cannot exceed 2097 xxx something kb (2 gb), if the folder reached that state it will corrupt the folder and you cannot see again the email in that folder. to remedy that you must extract manually the dbx file that the oe folder correspondent it to, you can see my previous article “undbx” about how to do it.
Another dread thing about oe 6 is the dreadful compact warning whenever we close the oe and your oe has several folder big in size. If you are accidentally choose to okey-ing the compact then it is a high chance that you’ll lost several email on the way the bigger the size, the bigger the chance you’ll lost more email, and to make thing worse the effect is irreversible, you cannot recover it once it was compacted.

Ok, back to windows live mail, it is an email client freely available from m$ a component from a bundle called windows live essential (it really is good, I love its blogging component, makes it easer to edit and add post to your blog live on the net.

Now for windows live mail there are two error I encounter right away after installing them, first is the error: “Sorry, something unexpected happened and Windows Live Mail must close. Your most recent changes may not be saved. ”

As long as you don’t click the ok button and put the warning window somewhere and not closing it, you can still use the windows live mail all the way.

The error from what I learned from the net is because there is no contact in the contact folder, or the contact folder is corrupted. In my case it is because of the former, I haven’t import the contact list from the oe 6.

Anyway there are two ways to repair this through modifying the contact folder directly in windows (using windows explorer), or delete the corresponding application id in windows registry (using regedit).

First using regedit: you delete this folder: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>AppID>{380689D0-AFAA-47E6-B80E-A33436FE314B}

Or second, you fist close the windows live mail then you just rename the contact folder ( “C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts” ) to something else like “C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts.old”.

By doing that once you reopen the windows live mail, the application will create a new blank contact folder.Just try one of the two steps.

The second error is that whenever I tried to save or open an attachment the error WMVCore.dll not found pops up.

It turns out that windows live essential expect the system to already have installed windows media player. strange though what is the attachment saving/execution got to do with media player?

Anyhow, you just need to install the windows media player in your windows in order to remove this error. if you don’t have it like in European anti monopoly court that order windows to not include windows media player to be added in the windows installation media, then you can download it directly from m$ download center.

Like if you are using windows xp then you can download wmp 11 here:

But it need to validate your windows first.

2 thoughts on “Common error in windows live mail

  1. josemazcorro says:

    thanks man!, was very helpful… could not this be an strategy from Microsoft to make a “free” email client that only works with certain windows live users? as far I know google does not have an email client like this… and thunderbird never worked for me. I do like windows live mail and outlook…

    • reedone816 says:

      Yup there are software that only free for desktop version of windows, considering it as a home use.
      But for me the current thunderbird has better functionality and portability. You can store your mail in flashdisk and open it in any computer…

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