It has been plagued the computer for several years, the strange thing is that we cannot predict on what windows installation this Data Execution Prevention on Windows Explorer happened. some pop up some don’t.
Firstly we tough that is because we didn’t update the windows, so we do, but the thing happened again.
so curious we browse for information in microsoft (
here is what they said:
” DEP is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring programs to make sure they use system memory safely. If a program tries running (also known as executing) code from memory in an incorrect way, DEP closes the program “

and it is a tool hardware and/or software supported from windows xp sp2 or windows server 2003 sp1 up…

and on my DEP problem with windows explorer they said:
” The svchost.exe and explorer.exe programs are parts of the Windows operating system. If DEP closes them or other Windows services, the cause could be smaller programs, such as extensions, that are created by other software publishers and that operate inside Windows. If you have recently installed a program and notice DEP closing Windows-based programs, check with the software publisher to see if there is an updated, DEP-compatible version available, or try uninstalling the program. ”

there I admit that our computer indeed uses old programs like oracle 8i and oracle developer 6i which is not officially supported by windows xp/2k3.

so browsing around I found people experienced the same thing with me. but with different cause, some are because un-updated vga driver, some because virus injecting something to explorer, some because old program making modification to windows like me.
so try this in regedit:
here you change in the classicviewstate folder this value: default value to 1
and in disablethumbnailcache default value to 1


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