Installing windows live in WIndows Server

Now still with windows live, here I stumble another problem. I use email with windows server. and you know what? Windows live doesn’t support windows server, go figure…
and also since I use remote desktop, windows live mail won’t open if you remote desktop open the windows live mail if in another connection you already open windows live mail.

Back to the main issue, wlsetup.exe file will refuse to install if refuse to install, showing this window:

if you click the show detail button, you’ll see the problem is the OS check:

So back to the net, not google this time, since after the flood in January, most google services are not working nicely from search engine to blogspot to gmail. So I back using a search engine I first use before google exist, “the god” (Yahweh).
There I found several solutions, like first run it in compatible OS (workstation OS like xp, vista or 7), looking the temporary folder for each components installation.
So I tried that, but still not working, it seems now m$ already block that path of solution.
But don’t worry, I got this solution deep after several pages search. It is a blog post about someone who like to install windows live messaging in windows server, he or she use a program to edit the installation file named: resource hacker.
You can download the file freely from this site:

now after you download the 730kb file, install it and run the program.
now try to open the wlsetup.exe or wlsetup-all.exe file as the installation program for windows live installation file.

like from what you see from above picture, you go to config>config0>0. Here you look for <os productType=”workstation” /> and change it to <os productType=”server” /> This way the program will only work for server OS (windows 2003/2008 server, etc) and won’t work in workstation OS (like XP, vista,7), so before you change it copy the file first, that way you’ll have two version of the wlsetup, one for workstation one for server.


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