Formatting silicon power usb drive (toshiba)

now there is some puzzle on how to format a protected usb drive, this is without any hardware switch for write protected and write able status of flash drive.
my first experience is with this toshiba 8gb flash drive. it was write protected, I could not write it, so I tried to just format it, but windows cannot format it, it said write protected.
I tried to find the switch but found none. so I search google and found a guide here:

so I follow it’s guide:

– download usbview program (it is from microsoft, but you won’t find the executable one in microsoft sites, they only has the precompiled one), I got it from this site:

– run the program, so you can see the vendor ID and device ID of the usb drive.

btw. the device above is not toshiba, since it is already taken cared of, so on the left panel look for toshiba mass storage (and it also shows in right panel), so you pick the right device.

now look at the right panel, look for idvendor and idproduct, (for toshiba 8gb it was 930 and 1400).

after you know the vendor id and product id, you go to this russian website:

now in utils you see the software that can format the device, which is for toshiba 8 gb is recovertool_v2.43.exe.
now you know the utility, you can search it through google for the software so you can download it or you can also search in the same website on the rightmost menu (which I red circled it).
there you query for the software (but unfortunately, you can’t found it in the google or in the website.
so back to usbview, I look for the chip manufacturer (you can see it in the right panel), which is silicon power. so knowing the vendor I look for their website which is here:
I went to the software part and download it’s usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 recovery software, but they cannot detect the toshiba drive.
so desperate I also look in toshiba website in:
but the same I cannot format the flash drive.
but from strange google query I found a software here
this thing worlk like charm on toshiba usb, it is low level formatting the flash drive, so after finish, do regular windows format.


11 thoughts on “Formatting silicon power usb drive (toshiba)

  1. Yesss.. this work like a charm.. thx you so much… jazakallahu khairan

  2. Iya Candria says:

    My problem was solved (write protected problem on UFD Toshiba 16 GB)..
    thank you very much… God bless you

    best regard
    Iya Candria
    Purwakarta – West Java – Indonesia

  3. Thanks,,The best work 10000000000%

  4. Scott says:

    this is the first page that has ever helped with this. was able wipe out windows restore to recover the space on my DELL restore disk. now if i can only get both 4gb partitions/drives to become one

    • reedone816 says:

      if the two partitions are from one hdd, then just delete both, then you can make it one.
      or if your OS is windows 7 or above, you can delete one partition and merge them using default windows disk management (right click on my computer and pick manage).
      if you have two physical hdd, and you want to merge them, in BIOS you need to choose RAID setting, or if you have windows, you can make the hdd as dynamic disk.

  5. thank you very helpful..

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