WIndows Phone 8 Blue Screen of Death

This Just happened to my newly bought Nokia Windows Phone 625H.
I used to put the phone in my pants pocket along with other “debris”, just like my old Samsung S2 phone in other pocket.
One day, when I pulled up my WP out from my pocket, it dead, so I start it up, and in continue to restart and showed blue screen for a time before it dead again.
Thing happened like my old android phone, so looking for solution, I look on the internet on how to factory reset WP, and different than android, here how to factory reset it, do it sequentially, not all at once:
– Push power.
– Immediately push and hold volume down key until you see ! (exclamation point).
– Then you push Volume Up.
– Then push Volume Down.
– Then you push Power.
– Then you push Volume Down.

If you do it right it will reset the phone to factory reset, and please immediately update the phone to the latest build.
And there I need to download my applications again, what a bummer.


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