running application as administrator in regular user login in windows

It’s been an awkward condition in the host I’ve been setting. It is that the application windows live mail unable to run properly in non administrative user. for example, I can’t delete or add contact in user level, but I can do it in administrator level.
There are ways using windows application, but it is not save, since it is still need to insert the password, that it is becomes visible because it is in command prompt. What I’m talking is for windows 2003/xp below, that using runas command to run application using different credential than what currently logging in user.
There are several tools that can do that, here they are:
a) Steel RunAs – v1.2 is the last freeware version; latest version is shareware
c) RunitAs
e) Encrypted RunAs – not free
f) ADVrunas – not free
g) BytesRoad SafeLauncher – not free
h) Impersonator – not free
i) Lsrunas
j) Lsrunase – not free
k) MyRunAs
l) TqcRunas – not free
m) RunAs Professional – not free

Now after scurrying the internet I found two free options, that is superexec and steel run as.
And to Superexec, it is quite good, that it has administrator panel and client panel of what kind of application that user can run as administrator.
But after a short testing, a first time opening the application is swift, but when you close it and try to open again, than it is taking a very long time. And the second thing is that it is requiring network hardware to run, even though I only need need it to work in local computer. Of course the developer already giving the solution of installing microsoft loopback application, that perform as virtual network card.
Now looking to the next target, SteelRunAs v1.2, it actually simple, and it can work in several computer, as long as the setting, run folder, administrator password and the version of the application is the same.
here is the screen shot:
Now you just simply insert the application you want to run as administrator (as other user can be used also), fill in the text boxes (you can ignore command to execute and destination icon). after filling all needed boxes, click on create executable button (make sure you add .exe extention so you can run it as application). And the file will be created. Run this file in lower user level to have it run as user administrator.


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