Detecting DHCP server

There are issues happened in my office, and one of them is the rogue dhcp server.
The server is not from our intended configuration.
when we use XP, we usually use free program called dhcpfind, free software from, my favourite for free tools for admin windows, like unstoppable copy program he made.
But that program somehow not working if your network is not set as dhcp client (we use static ip), it didn’t work on my win 7 laptop, even though in its website it support windows 7.
So looking for another software, i found this program:
looking for subnet
first you choose in which subnet you want to scan, then just run the scan.
There are two things that I like this one instead dhcpfind.
I can run it from my static ip network and i can choose which one.
and It shows the ip range of the dhcp clients.

cool huh 🙂

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