I don’t know what’s wrong with our ISP today.
first my lintas arta ISP forcing us to use their DNS server which – with all due respect – is crap, it has no stability, several times a day the dns is not working (failed to resolve domain names), the alternative is by using nawala dns and, at least this one is stable.

but again, by limiting what dns we the end user able to use, it limit us from several features that our router has.
like our fortigate, it has its own dns server, that is linked with the web filtering feature. now with the limitation our government impose, we cannot use that feature.

and just now, i realize that telkom speedy already made restriction on their dns also, at least that is what i found out in our branch in manado.

and to make the matter worse, speedy also shamelessly impose “advertising page” (which was found out to contain malware ads not so long ago), whenever the dns server can’t resolve the url (which is combined with the dns usage restriction, is hell for us user, since domain name is constantly adding and changing every second, with the limited resolving power of the “allowed dns server”, the error page will continue to rise exponentially).

now for non gold user, speedy also imposing their own wifi on our device, without us knowing before hand. so instead our own wifi, they add their own wifi, so instead of one, we have three wifi in our device, making everyone with the range of the wifi able to use our line for internet. and in order for them to do that, they erase the configuration to disable the dhcp, which was there factory default.

now seems like “the straw that break the camel back”, they continue to be the big boss of greed, by adding redirection to an absurd website:
what the heck is that?
i find this thing happened in surabaya. it redirect us tho that url, even though the url we type is right and available.
like when i type:
the url will be redirected as:
what the heck is that, are they so greedy they resort to all these way to fatten themselves?

anyhow back to topic, thanks to other “oppressed” speedy user, we found the resolutions.
first is by erasing the history of your browser, ie, firefox, chrome, all the same, delete all the history and cache.
second is by simply adding these two characters on the end of the url we type: ?/
for example, when we want to visit e-napza.pom.go.id page, we type it as:
hope this help…

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