running application as administrator in regular user login in windows

It’s been an awkward condition in the host I’ve been setting. It is that the application windows live mail unable to run properly in non administrative user. for example, I can’t delete or add contact in user level, but I can do it in administrator level.
There are ways using windows application, but it is not save, since it is still need to insert the password, that it is becomes visible because it is in command prompt. What I’m talking is for windows 2003/xp below, that using runas command to run application using different credential than what currently logging in user.
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desktop central free windows tools

if you are an IT administrator in your comuter and want to know what happened in your LAN computers without go to that computer, this is the answer: desktop central free windows tools. it is a software to do administrative task on remote computer.
moz screenshot 32

there two version of the software the webbased one and like the picture above as a windows application.
you can download it here:
i mostly use remote task manager to stop the unnecessary task/service remotely.

modifying administrator password in non adminstrators account

i find this is useful when you are remote connected to another computer and you cannot logoff remotely since it will disconnect your connection.
this things happened when you run your remote connection software (like openvpn or teamviewer) in non service mode and your system is not enabling remote desktop connection (rdp) or don’t have one like in w2k.
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