Hiding Control Panel Components

This is another group policy setting. You can hide the control panel component.
first, open the group policy, this time we can use the command prompt, just type gpedit.msc.
here You’ll find hide specified control panel applets.

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changing password policy in domain server

Just simple configuration, but I find without the manual book or “windows server for dummy” book, it actually hard to find. At least for me.
So back again, how to change the policy setting about password length? It is obviously inside the group policy setting.
now to do that, again we can open the mmc program (open run and type mmc and push enter). Continue reading

whitelisting and blacklisting executable in windows xp

You know there are many software that put software filter management in windows computer, that restrict user to run malicious content. and not all are free.
But probably there only a few know that windows has its own software filtering tool.
Yes it is inside the group policy, here’s how:

– first open the MMC by using start>run and type MMC and click OK

– then after the mmc windows opened, fo to file>add/remove snap-in Continue reading