preventing chkdsk to work on start up

Now there are sometimes annoying thing where after improper shutdown, like hot restart or shutdown, or power down, the windows start by the option of checking the disk.
Or in my experience happened sometimes in multiple OS computer, like when I shutdown normally from windows 7 then starting in windows XP sometimes this thing happened.
The windows does checkdisk to logical drive that has been marked dirty. you can check if the drive is dirty by using this command line:

fsutil dirty query [drive name]:


fsutil dirty query c: d: e:

the above command is used when you want to check if drive c:, d: and e: are dirty.
to change the dirty status of the logical drive you can use the command:

fsutil dirty set

now that only work once, if you want it to be permanent, you can use the command line:

chkntfs /x [drive name]:

just be careful when using this, since even when the drive ntfs is bad, the windows wont repair it on start up. you can do it manually btw.

SATA drive runs very slow in server with SAS.

SAS and SATA are using the same power and data slot. SAS HDD cannot be detected if you plug the SATA cable, but SATA can be detected fine when you plug SAS cable. I haven’t put any though about it until when I installed database on the SATA drive that was plugged to SAS cable. when I imported the data to the database it took all night long to finish then what normally only 30 minutes.

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