Common error in windows live mail

Now, we have another problem here in the office. our email client have been changed to windows live mail from outlook express 6. Because like we all know, oe 6 still have bugs that are still not being repaired by m$. Those two fatal one are like the maximum size of an oe folder that cannot exceed 2097 xxx something kb (2 gb), if the folder reached that state it will corrupt the folder and you cannot see again the email in that folder. to remedy that you must extract manually the dbx file that the oe folder correspondent it to, you can see my previous article “undbx” about how to do it. Continue reading

Windows Error: No script engine for extension “.vbs”

Hiya all,
I’ve encountered error when I tried to uninstall some windows application.
It turned out that because the uninstallation were using vb script, so it triggered error:
No script engine for extension “.vbs”
now, reading the error it is obvious what happened right, yes it is because of file extension error.
Usually this thing won;t happened, because windows already have the script engine in: Continue reading