OK this is oracle sql error. the first step to trouble shoot it is by spotting what the error said: looks for missing right parenthesis.
But unfortunately, this is not the only case for this error thrown out. Even when we match the count of left and right parenthesis, error ORA-00907 still can be thrown out. some of the cases are:
1. In program, for multi lines sql query, if you put comment it will throw error. ex.
sql = ” select a,round(b,2 –comment ”
sql &= ” ) from table ”

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oracle error ora-01033 : ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

Ok i have this error on my oracle 8.1.7 database with oracle developer 6i R2.
This usually happened when the computer is improperly shutdown like of power failure or BSOD.
Been searching on the internet most of the solution is to connect straight to sqlplus, like this:

– open the command prompt.
– in “c:\>”, type “sqlplus /nolog”
– in “sql>” type connect / as sysdba

Now this is the problem, based on the tutorial it should generate “connected” status, even though i’ve tried using the proper form of “connect sys/manager as sysdba” it still generating TNS error.
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enable oracledb connection through firewall

well my company has oracle 8i, and up until now we never turn on firewall in our intra network. but things got complicated when the worm named kido start to crawl our network. so we take policy to turn on the firewall.
but of course the first time we turn it on the oracle db cannot be connected: TNS-12535 TNS:operation timed out from other computer even though we already put an exception on post 1521 and only accept own network ip range. Continue reading