running application as administrator in regular user login in windows

It’s been an awkward condition in the host I’ve been setting. It is that the application windows live mail unable to run properly in non administrative user. for example, I can’t delete or add contact in user level, but I can do it in administrator level.
There are ways using windows application, but it is not save, since it is still need to insert the password, that it is becomes visible because it is in command prompt. What I’m talking is for windows 2003/xp below, that using runas command to run application using different credential than what currently logging in user.
There are several tools that can do that, here they are: Continue reading


changing password policy in domain server

Just simple configuration, but I find without the manual book or “windows server for dummy” book, it actually hard to find. At least for me.
So back again, how to change the policy setting about password length? It is obviously inside the group policy setting.
now to do that, again we can open the mmc program (open run and type mmc and push enter). Continue reading