Disabling Superfetch in windows 7 and 8

You know, when you open task manager, in performance tab, you’ll see a new line than in windows xp, there is “cached memory”.
This is supposedly so when you open the application again, it will be faster, but the side effect is that it eats up your RAM, and disastrous result in low physical RAM since it will drive your free RAM to 0, thus snailing your computer.
So to disable it, it will makes your system lag a bit, but at least your RAM will not be reserved for cache…
There are two steps, first is editing the registry and second is disabling the service.

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windows 7: windows command processor asking to run pop-ups

It was suspected that this came from the malicious pif attached email from supposedly DHL (from the email source we see that it was from:

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id 1MMK41-8793sc-NB
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Even though we doubt it as the source, the windows 7, continue to give pop up warning that windows command processor need to be run, since we already suspect something, we choose no. it happened several times that it started to be annoying. Continue reading

creating windows installer in usb flashdisk

ok let us start, back early, we know about livedisk, where you can run OS from removable disk, where you dump the OS to the RAM. it was started with linux, but with bartpe windows live cd follows.
then linux introduce the use of usb for both live OS and OS installation, this took several years before we have windows 7/2008 that making installation windows using usb easy. you just need to use these four steps (two is essential):

– makes windows 7/2008 dvd ready in the drive tray.

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