whitelisting and blacklisting executable in windows xp

You know there are many software that put software filter management in windows computer, that restrict user to run malicious content. and not all are free.
But probably there only a few know that windows has its own software filtering tool.
Yes it is inside the group policy, here’s how:

– first open the MMC by using start>run and type MMC and click OK

– then after the mmc windows opened, fo to file>add/remove snap-in Continue reading


sony vaio fn key problem

it happened when my director laptop need to be downgraded to xp. he got sony vaio vgn-sz433n.
so i install the xp pro after downloading all the necessary drives and tools for xp.
everything went smoothly, all driver installed so no more “other devices” showed in device manager.
but when my boss used it he said that the fn key was not working for the projector but it is fine for other functions.
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HTTP 403.9 – Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected

have you seen this error? when opening your own web site?
and it happens that your website is hosted in windows 2000 pro or xp pro?
then the problem is obvious, the windows xp/2k pro IIS is 5.0 and 5.1, this webserver usage is locked by xp user connection configuration, which is max of 10 user connection simultaneously.
so if your webpage is accessed in over 10 connections then you’ll have the error HTTP 403.9 – Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected. Continue reading