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Installing BI Publisher in windows 64 bit with office 32 bit

Now with the new program we are upgrading our system to a new one, from oracle 8i+dev 6i to the latest oracle db 12c + dev 11g/10g.

in my system: 64bit windows 8.1, office 2013 32 bit.

**Installing BI Publisher.

there are some notes in regard of program installations:
– the bit version of java must be the same with the bit version of BI publisher, if it is 32bit then all 32bit.

– the BI bit version must be the same with the office version, if office is 32 bit then the BI publisher must also a 32bit version, even though the system is 64bit.

– since BI somehow unable to detect the java installation, since they check in wrong registry folder -duh-… so you must export and import the registry setting.
1) first open registry, look for HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment 2) export the registry.
3) open the exported registry using a notepad.
4) remove WOW6432\ so the lines should be: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment. 5) save the file and import it back to the registry.
6) start installing BI Publisher.

– now is that enough? not yet, since when you open the office program, it will only show the manual, but not the BI tab. Now the step is for you to enter the installation folder of the BI Publisher.
if you not change anything, the default installation folder is: Program Files (x86)\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\DotnetInstallfiles. – there you just need to run the setup file.
– now open the the office program, the BI tabs should be there.

Hello world!

hallo, this is supposedly my technical blog. probably a junk for you, but i put it necessarily for me since i’m bad at remembering things…

so i write this just as sort of my journal of the technical problem i’ve experienced, in case i stumble upon the same problem in the future.