norton antivirus cannot be activated

i have norton 2009 installed through installation cd to an xp computer, but when i tried to activate it, it could not connect to norton server for activation.
like always i google it and went to symantec norton forum and there i found the answer, i need to remove the folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton0000082
but since application data folder is hidden folder, i got problem since the option in explorer was somehow could not be changed, so i guessed it was because of unclean removal of malware. so i opened the regedit, browsed to value: Continue reading

openvpn client on windows cannot connect

I got this problem lately, so like usual I looked in the openvpn.log file and I found this line:
and it said it could not find the file, of course it could not find the file because the windows directory in server is winnt.
so like always I googled for the error, and I found out that i need to add a line in client.ovpn file which is:
win-sys env

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